Easily share data, calculations,
analysis or reports by creating simple thematic maps
for members of your organization and the general public,
at any time and in any place.



Who can use?

We have digital tools supported by
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
that facilitate the taking and management of geocoded data to create useful maps
for the analysis and search of solutions to complex problems,
so that practically any organization can benefit from its use.



The taking of geocoded field data, their analysis and visualization allows us to better understand the geological events that have occurred over time, which may lead to the discovery and quantification of mineral resources in a study area.

Social Networks

Geocoding means that any person or object can be located at a point in space, so if we share this data we can generate communication networks.


The geocoded data provide valuable information to organizations so that they can plan their transport, logistics or distribution operations, taking the best decisions both of time and distance.


Analyze public health problems through the use of smart maps to prevent diseases, monitor environmental quality or manage epidemic outbreaks, optimizing the allocation of resources or establishing policies.



Real Estate

Success in the purchase and sale of real estate comes from knowledge of the real estate market based on geographic location and analysis, which allows to discover hidden opportunities to take competitive advantage.


The geolocation, mapping, quality analysis or volume of water resources can influence all aspects of their management, from the protection of their sources, their processing, transport and distribution for human consumption.


The spatial analysis of all commercial transactions carried out in a certain area allows you to improve your perspective to select geographically profitable sites that increase the sales of products with higher consumption.


The communication companies (wireless or cable) currently need real-time spatial mapping and analysis to guarantee the return of their investments and support the provision of their services.



How can we help?

Our goal is to obtain actionable information
from geographically referenced data to help
organizations achieve their goals.



The collected field data always has a geographical component that allows its spatial analysis and its visualization through maps.


The spatial analysis of data allows us to interpret and understand, estimate and predict, and much more, for management decision making.


For the analysis, the data is visualized in thematic layers integrated in geographical containers (maps) of easy access and interpretation for all.


We develop applications with geographically referenced data for all types of devices (mobile phones, tablets and computers).



Some projects

They are already working with our geocoded platform in the cloud.




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